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 *    UNDO system
 *    Copyright
 *          (C) 1992 Joseph H. Allen
 *    This file is part of JOE (Joe's Own Editor)
#ifndef _JOE_UNDO_H
#define _JOE_UNDO_H 1

#include "config.h"
#include "types.h"

extern int inundo;
extern int justkilled;

UNDO *undomk PARAMS((B *b));
void undorm PARAMS((UNDO *undo));
int uundo PARAMS((BW *bw));
int uredo PARAMS((BW *bw));
void umclear PARAMS((void));
void undomark PARAMS((void));
void undoins PARAMS((UNDO *undo, P *p, long int size));
void undodel PARAMS((UNDO *undo, long int where, B *b));
int uyank PARAMS((BW *bw));
int uyankpop PARAMS((BW *bw));
int uyapp PARAMS((BW *bw));
int unotmod PARAMS((BW *bw));
int ucopy PARAMS((BW *bw));


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