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 *    Device independant tty interface for JOE
 *    Copyright
 *          (C) 1992 Joseph H. Allen
 *    This file is part of JOE (Joe's Own Editor)
#ifndef _JOE_SCRN_H
#define _JOE_SCRN_H 1

struct hentry {
      int   next;
      int   loc;

/* Each terminal has one of these: terminal capability database */

#ifdef __MSDOS__

struct scrn {
      int   li;         /* Height of screen */
      int   co;         /* Width of screen */
      short *scrn;            /* Buffer */
      int   scroll;
      int   insdel;
      int   *updtab;    /* Lines which need to be updated */
      HIGHLIGHT_STATE *syntax;
      int   *compose;
      int   *sary;


struct scrn {
      CAP   *cap;       /* Termcap/Terminfo data */

      int   li;         /* Screen height */
      int   co;         /* Screen width */

      unsigned char     *ti;        /* Initialization string */
      unsigned char     *cl;        /* Home and clear screen... really an
                           init. string */
      unsigned char     *cd;        /* Clear to end of screen */
      unsigned char     *te;        /* Restoration string */

      int   haz;        /* Terminal can't print ~s */
      int   os;         /* Terminal overstrikes */
      int   eo;         /* Can use blank to erase even if os */
      int   ul;         /* _ overstrikes */
      int   am;         /* Terminal has autowrap, but not magicwrap */
      int   xn;         /* Terminal has magicwrap */

      unsigned char     *so;        /* Enter standout (inverse) mode */
      unsigned char     *se;        /* Exit standout mode */

      unsigned char     *us;        /* Enter underline mode */
      unsigned char     *ue;        /* Exit underline mode */
      unsigned char     *uc;        /* Single time underline character */

      int   ms;         /* Ok to move when in standout/underline mode */

      unsigned char     *mb;        /* Enter blinking mode */
      unsigned char     *md;        /* Enter bold mode */
      unsigned char     *mh;        /* Enter dim mode */
      unsigned char     *mr;        /* Enter inverse mode */
      unsigned char     *me;        /* Exit above modes */

      unsigned char     *Sb;        /* Set background color */
      unsigned char     *Sf;        /* Set foregrond color */
      int   Co;               /* No. of colors */
      int   ut;         /* Screen erases with background color */

      int   da, db;           /* Extra lines exist above, below */
      unsigned char     *al, *dl, *AL, *DL;     /* Insert/delete lines */
      unsigned char     *cs;        /* Set scrolling region */
      int   rr;         /* Set for scrolling region relative addressing */
      unsigned char     *sf, *SF, *sr, *SR;     /* Scroll */

      unsigned char     *dm, *dc, *DC, *ed;     /* Delete characters */
      unsigned char     *im, *ic, *IC, *ip, *ei;      /* Insert characters */
      int   mi;         /* Set if ok to move while in insert mode */

      unsigned char     *bs;        /* Move cursor left 1 */
      int   cbs;
      unsigned char     *lf;        /* Move cursor down 1 */
      int   clf;
      unsigned char     *up;        /* Move cursor up 1 */
      int   cup;
      unsigned char     *nd;        /* Move cursor right 1 */

      unsigned char     *ta;        /* Move cursor to next tab stop */
      int   cta;
      unsigned char     *bt;        /* Move cursor to previous tab stop */
      int   cbt;
      int   tw;         /* Tab width */

      unsigned char     *ho;        /* Home cursor to upper left */
      int   cho;
      unsigned char     *ll;        /* Home cursor to lower left */
      int   cll;
      unsigned char     *cr;        /* Move cursor to left edge */
      int   ccr;
      unsigned char     *RI;        /* Move cursor right n */
      int   cRI;
      unsigned char     *LE;        /* Move cursor left n */
      int   cLE;
      unsigned char     *UP;        /* Move cursor up n */
      int   cUP;
      unsigned char     *DO;        /* Move cursor down n */
      int   cDO;
      unsigned char     *ch;        /* Set cursor column */
      int   cch;
      unsigned char     *cv;        /* Set cursor row */
      int   ccv;
      unsigned char     *cV;        /* Goto beginning of specified line */
      int   ccV;
      unsigned char     *cm;        /* Set cursor row and column */
      int   ccm;

      unsigned char     *ce;        /* Clear to end of line */
      int   cce;

      int assume_256;         /* Assume terminal has 256 color mode, but use
                                 regular mode for standard colors just in case */

      /* Basic abilities */
      int   scroll;           /* Set to use scrolling */
      int   insdel;           /* Set to use insert/delete within line */

      /* Current state of terminal */
      int   *scrn;            /* Characters on screen */
      int   *attr;            /* Attributes on screen */
      int   x, y;       /* Current cursor position (-1 for unknown) */
      int   top, bot;   /* Current scrolling region */
      int   attrib;           /* Current character attributes */
      int   ins;        /* Set if we're in insert mode */

      int   *updtab;    /* Dirty lines table */
      int   avattr;           /* Bits set for available attributes */
      int   *sary;            /* Scroll buffer array */

      int   *compose;   /* Line compose buffer */
      int   *ofst;            /* stuff for magic */
      struct hentry     *htab;
      struct hentry     *ary;


extern int skiptop;

/* SCRN *nopen(void);
 * Open the screen (sets TTY mode so that screen may be used immediatly after
 * the 'nopen').
SCRN *nopen PARAMS((CAP *cap));

/* void nresize(SCRN *t,int w,int h);
 * Change size of screen.  For example, call this when you find out that
 * the Xterm changed size.
void nresize PARAMS((SCRN *t, int w, int h));

/* void nredraw(SCRN *t);
 * Invalidate all state variables for the terminal.  This way, everything gets
 * redrawn.
void nredraw PARAMS((SCRN *t));

void npartial PARAMS((SCRN *t));
void nescape PARAMS((SCRN *t));
void nreturn PARAMS((SCRN *t));

/* void nclose(SCRN *t);
 * Close the screen and restore TTY to initial state.
 * if 'flg' is set, tclose doesn't mess with the signals.
void nclose PARAMS((SCRN *t));

/* int cpos(SCRN *t,int x,int y);
 * Set cursor position
int cpos PARAMS((register SCRN *t, register int x, register int y));

/* int attr(SCRN *t,int a);
 * Set attributes
int set_attr PARAMS((SCRN *t, int c));

/* Encode character as utf8 */
void utf8_putc PARAMS((int c));

/* void outatr(SCRN *t,int *scrn,int *attr,int x,int y,int c,int a);
 * Output a character at the given screen cooridinate.  The cursor position
 * after this function is executed is indeterminate.

/* Character attribute bits */

#ifdef __MSDOS__

#define INVERSE 1
#define UNDERLINE 2
#define BOLD 4
#define BLINK 8
#define DIM 16
extern unsigned atab[];

#define outatr(t,scrn,attr,x,y,c,a) do { \
      (t); \
      (x); \
      (y); \
      *(scrn) = ((unsigned)(c) | atab[a]); \
} while(0)


#define INVERSE          256
#define UNDERLINE  512
#define BOLD            1024
#define BLINK           2048
#define DIM       4096

#define BG_SHIFT  13
#define BG_VALUE  (255<<BG_SHIFT)
#define BG_NOT_DEFAULT  (256<<BG_SHIFT)
#define BG_MASK         (511<<BG_SHIFT)

#define BG_DEFAULT      (0<<BG_SHIFT)

/* #define BG_COLOR(color)    (BG_NOT_DEFAULT^(color)<<BG_SHIFT) */
#define BG_COLOR(color) (color)

#define BG_RED          (BG_NOT_DEFAULT|(1<<BG_SHIFT))
#define BG_BLUE         (BG_NOT_DEFAULT|(4<<BG_SHIFT))
#define BG_CYAN         (BG_NOT_DEFAULT|(6<<BG_SHIFT))
#define BG_BRED         (BG_NOT_DEFAULT|(9<<BG_SHIFT))

#define FG_SHIFT  22
#define FG_VALUE  (255<<FG_SHIFT)
#define FG_NOT_DEFAULT  (256<<FG_SHIFT)
#define FG_MASK         (511<<FG_SHIFT)

#define FG_DEFAULT      (0<<FG_SHIFT)
#define FG_BRED         (FG_NOT_DEFAULT|(9<<FG_SHIFT))
#define FG_CYAN         (FG_NOT_DEFAULT|(6<<FG_SHIFT))
#define FG_BLUE         (FG_NOT_DEFAULT|(4<<FG_SHIFT))
#define FG_RED          (FG_NOT_DEFAULT|(1<<FG_SHIFT))

void outatr PARAMS((struct charmap *map,SCRN *t,int *scrn,int *attrf,int xx,int yy,int c,int a));


 * translate character and its attribute into something printable
void xlat PARAMS((int *attr, unsigned char *c));
void xlat_utf_ctrl PARAMS((int *attr, unsigned char *c));

/* int eraeol(SCRN *t,int x,int y);
 * Erase from screen coordinate to end of line.
int eraeol PARAMS((SCRN *t, int x, int y, int atr));

/* void nscrlup(SCRN *t,int top,int bot,int amnt);
 * Buffered scroll request.  Request that some lines up.  'top' and 'bot'
 * indicate which lines to scroll.  'bot' is the last line to scroll + 1.
 * 'amnt' is distance in lines to scroll.
void nscrlup PARAMS((SCRN *t, int top, int bot, int amnt));

/* void nscrldn(SCRN *t,int top,int bot,int amnt);
 * Buffered scroll request.  Scroll some lines down.  'top' and 'bot'
 * indicate which lines to scroll.  'bot' is the last line to scroll + 1.
 * 'amnt' is distance in lines to scroll.
void nscrldn PARAMS((SCRN *t, int top, int bot, int amnt));

/* void nscroll(SCRN *t);
 * Execute buffered scroll requests
void nscroll PARAMS((SCRN *t, int atr));

/* void magic(SCRN *t,int y,int *cur,int *new);
 * Figure out and execute line shifting
void magic PARAMS((SCRN *t, int y, int *cs, int *ca, int *s, int *a,int placex));

int clrins PARAMS((SCRN *t));

int meta_color PARAMS((unsigned char *s));

/* Generate a field */
void genfield PARAMS((SCRN *t,int *scrn,int *attr,int x,int y,int ofst,unsigned char *s,int len,int atr,int width,int flg,int *fmt));

/* Column width of a string takes into account utf-8) */
int txtwidth PARAMS((unsigned char *s,int len));

/* Generate a field: formatted */
void genfmt PARAMS((SCRN *t, int x, int y, int ofst, unsigned char *s, int atr, int flg));

/* Column width of formatted string */
int fmtlen PARAMS((unsigned char *s));

/* Offset within formatted string of particular column */
int fmtpos PARAMS((unsigned char *s, int goal));

extern int bg_text;
extern int columns;
extern int notite;
extern int usetabs;
extern int assume_color;
extern int assume_256color;


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