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 *    Search & Replace system
 *    Copyright
 *          (C) 1992 Joseph H. Allen
 *    This file is part of JOE (Joe's Own Editor)
#ifndef _JOE_USEARCH_H
#define _JOE_USEARCH_H 1

struct srchrec {
      LINK(SRCHREC)     link; /* Linked list of search & replace locations */
      int   yn;         /* Did we replace? */
      int   wrap_flag;  /* Did we wrap? */
      long  addr;       /* Where we were */
      B *b;             /* Buffer address is in */
      long  last_repl;

struct search {
      unsigned char     *pattern;   /* Search pattern */
      unsigned char     *replacement;     /* Replacement string */
      int   backwards;  /* Set if search should go backwards */
      int   ignore;           /* Set if we should ignore case */
      int   repeat;           /* Set with repeat count (or -1 for no repeat count) */
      int   replace;    /* Set if this is search & replace */
      int   rest;       /* Set to do remainder of search & replace w/o query */
      unsigned char     *entire;    /* Entire matched string */
      unsigned char     *pieces[26];      /* Peices of the matched string */
      int   flg;        /* Set after prompted for first replace */
      SRCHREC     recs;       /* Search & replace position history */
      P     *markb, *markk;   /* Original marks */
      P     *wrap_p;    /* Wrap point */
      int   wrap_flag;  /* Set if we've wrapped */
      int   allow_wrap; /* Set to allow wrapping */
      int   valid;            /* Set if original marks are a valid block */
      long  addr;       /* Where to place cursor after failed restruct_to_block() test */
      long  last_repl;  /* Address of last replacement (prevents infinite loops) */
      int   block_restrict;   /* Search restricted to marked block */
      int   all;        /* Set to continue in other windows */
      B     *first;           /* Starting buffer */
      B     *current;   /* Current buffer */

SRCH *mksrch PARAMS((unsigned char *pattern, unsigned char *replacement, int ignore, int backwards, int repeat, int replace, int rest, int all));
void rmsrch PARAMS((SRCH *srch));

int dopfnext PARAMS((BW *bw, SRCH *srch, int *notify));

int pffirst PARAMS((BW *bw));
int pfnext PARAMS((BW *bw));

int pqrepl PARAMS((BW *bw));
int prfirst PARAMS((BW *bw));

int ufinish PARAMS((BW *bw));
int dofirst PARAMS((BW *bw, int back, int repl, unsigned char *hint));

extern B *findhist; /* Search history buffer */
extern B *replhist; /* Replace history buffer */

void save_srch PARAMS((FILE *f));
void load_srch PARAMS((FILE *f));

extern int smode;
extern int csmode;
extern int icase;
extern int wrap;
extern int pico;
extern unsigned char srchstr[];
extern SRCH *globalsrch;

extern unsigned char *rest_key;
extern unsigned char *backup_key;

int fwrd_c PARAMS((unsigned char **s));


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